About Us

The idea for 1 Day Gold came about from the frustration the owners were having processing their own scrap gold.  They couldn't understand why they were not able to get everything they wanted from their gold processor: outstanding customer support, free shipping, free bank wires, same day service, accurate analysis and great price.

Most great businesses were started to fill a void in the market.  Our goal is to bring to our customers all the elements we feel are important to them in a metals processor and create long term relationships.

When we created the Diamond Assist and Watch Assist programs, we were thinking of additional ways we could be of assistance to our customers.  What better way to help our customers who buy gold, silver and platinum from the public, then to assist them in making diamond and luxury watch purchases that they may not make otherwise.  We can help them to expand their business without the risk. 
Now that's a Win - Win scenario and that's what we're all about.


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